Pixie Potter - Mini Potted Live Succulent
Pixie Potter - Mini Potted Live Succulent
Pixie Potter - Mini Potted Live Succulent
Pixie Potter - Mini Potted Live Succulent
Pixie Potter - Mini Potted Live Succulent

Pixie Potter - Mini Potted Live Succulent

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Pixie Petal is the answer to our pastel prayers. These tiny potted live plants add a pretty powder puff to any space. Grab one or gift one πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ
*This listing price is for one single mini pot with succulent*

Each pot contains one live potted rosette succulent.

A perfect gift for birthdays, Valentines Day, housewarming, Mother's Day, Christmas, and just because!

Interested in corporate gifting? Send us a message and see how Surfside Succulents can work with you to send out gifts that WOW

Pot Dimensions: L 1.75" x W 1.75" x H 2.25"

Color Choices:

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When opening your package please note that there may be some loose soil. We pack all of our plants with love and extra care, but no amount of love can prevent all soil spills during shipment. Arrangements are dressed with mountain moss top dressing in shipping, to prevent as much soil spill as possible. Moss can be left in arrangements or gently removed if desired.

*Color Disclosure*

During shipment plants can lose some of their vibrancy, this is normal and to be expected. Slowly acclimate your plant to bright sun and the colors should start to pop.

Different succulents have different growing seasons, with this there will also be some color variation depending on season. The same succulent can have much different coloration one season to the next.

*Plant Disclosure*

In order to maintain the quality and variety of plants in our arrangements, there may be some succulents with very shallow roots or even cuttings. If cuttings are used, they have been well calloused and are completely fine to be planted amongst rooted succulents. Some plants can and will differ from what is shown in our listing photos. We always do our best to replicate the aesthetics of any arrangement as close to the listing photos as possible with current plant inventory.

If a plant should fall out during shipment, simply place it back into the arrangement right side up. That’s it! As long as the succulent is upright, it will find its way into the soil and root perfectly. Succulents love root competition and can be planted densely with one another.