Succulent Care Instructions

General Care Instructions

Succulents thrive on bright, indirect sunlight. All succulents require the right amount of light in order to bring out their color and to maintain shape. After arrival, it is important to place your succulents in a brightly lit room, or on a windowsill. Your succulents may lose some color or sturdiness during shipping, but will perk right back up with some sunlight. 

While sunlight is important, be cautious to not expose succulents to direct sunlight immediately after unboxing. You can always provide more sunlight, but cannot take away the effects of too much sun exposure. Slowly acclimate your succulents to more sunlight. If you wish to grow your succulents outdoors, research which zone you live in, and the hardiness of succulents in your zone.

Succulents require well draining soil, as well as a drainage hole in their pot in order to thrive. All succulents prefer to be watered only when their soil is dry. Water thoroughly over the soil; until water drips from the bottom of your pot. This is typically about every two weeks, but can vary depending on season, humidity, and other factors.

If you’d like to learn more about succulents or get help from succulent enthusiasts, we recommend joining succulent Facebook Groups. There are dozens of Groups that provide helpful succulent advice for beginners and experts alike.

Potted Succulents and Arrangements

Succulent Leaf Propagation

While there are many ways to propagate succulents from leaves, we find that the easiest and best method for propagating several leaves at once is to lay them flat atop dry soil. Your propagation vessel should be flat and shallow, with just a thin layer of soil.

Provide your succulent leaves with medium sunlight/partial shade. Do not place leaves in direct sunlight. Mist over the leaves every few days to promote growth of roots and baby succulents. Within a few weeks, you will start to see babies form from the ends of the leaves. Continue to mist every few days. When the babies become sizable enough (roughly the size of a dime), you can plant them in pots with well draining soil and a drainage hole. 

Continue providing leaf babies with medium sunlight after potting. Do not detach the leaf at any point, as the baby will continue to receive nutrients from the leaf. Eventually, the leaf will wither away on its own. Slowly acclimate your succulent babies to more light, and upgrade their pot size as they grow.

Mini Succulents

Cuttings & Bare Root Succulents